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In TONI ERDMAN, Peter Simonischek plays Winfried, 65, a music teacher with a strong penchant for jokes, who lives with his old dog. His daughter Ines (Sandra Hüller) is a career woman who travels around the world in order to optimize companies. Father and daughter could therefore not be more different. He, the soulful, socially romantic. She, the rational management consultant who tries to raise her profile at a major outsourcing project in Romania to compete in a man's world.

Winfried does not see much of his daughter at home, he decides after the death of his dog to visit her spontaneously. But the visit does not lead to a rapprochement. Winfried annoys his daughter with mild jokes and subliminal criticism of her performance-oriented life between meetings, hotel bars and countless emails. Father and daughter are at an impasse and it comes to a confrontation between the two.

But instead, as he announced to leave Bucharest, he surprises Ines with a radical transformation into Toni Erdmann, his dazzling alter ego. With crooked teeth, bad suit and wig Toni is wilder and bolder than Winfried and does not mince his words. Toni mixes in Ines' professional life, and starts a rampage of jokes. Eventually father and daughter making a startling discovery: The harder they clashed, the closer they come.

  • Director: Maren Ade
  • Country: Germany
  • Genre: Comedy | Drama
  • Year: 2017
  • Run Time: 02:42:33
  • imdb Score: 7.9/10 (9,561 votes)
  • Language: German | English | Romanian
  • Rating: R
  • Cast: Peter Simonischek, Sandra Hüller, Michael Wittenborn
"If you're looking for the best and most beguiling foreign-language film of the year, you'll find it in Maren Ade's German father-daughter story that will leave you laughing and choking back tears, often simultaneously."
Peter Travers - ROLLING STONE

"What makes TONI ERDMANN, the finest comedy in recent memory, so wonderful and beguiling is the deep undercurrent of sadness that informs its eventual life lessons."

"Every family is its own country with culture and customs and embarrassments that seem alien beyond its borders, but the genius of Maren Ade‘s brilliantly funny and slyly crushing TONI ERDMANN is that it makes the utterly foreign nation of its central father/daughter relationship feel so much like home."
Jessica Kiang - THE PLAYLIST

"TONI ERDMANN is an immensely rich, deeply-felt exploration of human relationships that draws you in and holds you fast for nearly three hours."

"Abundantly talented writer/director Maren Ade fully embraces the inherent awkwardness of a testy emotional bond and tackles it to the ground."
Susan Wloszczyna - ROGEREBERT.COM


Cannes Film Festival 2016

San Sebastian Int'l Film Festival 2016
FIPRESCI Film of the Year

European Film Awards 2016
European Director, European Film, European Screenwriter, European Actress and European Actor

Brussels Int'l Film Festival 2016
Best Film

Seville European Film Festival 2016
Audience Award

Norwegian Int'l Film Festival 2016
Norwegian Film Critics Award

Int'l Cinephile Society Awards 2016
Best Director

Atlanta Film Critics Society Awards 2016
Best Foreign Language Film

Central Ohio Film Critics Association 2017
Best Foreign Language Film

Toronto Film Critics Association Awards 2017
Best Foreign Language Film, Best Director and Best Actress

National Society of Film Critics Awards 2016
Best Foreign Language Film

New York Film Critics Circle Awards 2017
Best Foreign Language Film

Academy Awards 2017
Best Foreign Language Film - nomination

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Cannes Film Festival 2016

Sydney Film Festival 2016

Brussels European Film Festival 2016

Munich International Film Festival 2016

Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 2016

Fantastic Fest 2016

New York Film Festival 2016

AFI Fest 2016

Mill Valley Film Festival 2016

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