Indie. Local. Community-based.

Living Room® Theaters is independently owned and operated with a specific focus on our local communities. Founded by filmmakers who wanted to elevate the cinema experience for moviegoers, we re-imagined every aspect of the movie theater process from programming to exhibition to lobby and auditorium design to food and beverage offerings.

Our film programming team selects a well-balanced mix of the best independent cinema, critically acclaimed awards contenders and Hollywood hits for exhibition. All digitally projected in HD and 2K resolution with 5.1 surround sound.

Unique Synergy with FAU.

Living Room® Theaters provided resources for the creation of the CU-97 building for the School of Communications and Multimedia Studies on Florida Atlantic University’s campus creating a unique private/public symbiosis with the University. Our auditoriums are used as classrooms by the University during weekdays and operated by Living Room ® Theaters in the evenings and on weekends.

Once inside our theater, every auditorium has comfortable rocker seats where a pair of seats do not share an arm rest with their neighbor! Each auditorium has its own individual color of sound panels that wrap up the walls with two distinct seating sections where wheelchaired patrons can sit in the front row or middle of the auditorium.

Space That Creates Place.

Everything is thoughtfully designed, creating casual spaces for patrons to relax, meet, dine, drink, and interact, unhurried. Our auditoriums are comfortable and intimate while providing the big screen experience that is the hallmark of cinema.

Dining is essential to the Living Room® experience and our on-site restaurant with beer and wine provides patrons with memorable nights out by offering options for sophisticated meals and drinks as well as traditional theater concessions. We offer beer, wine, and quality sweets and treats to satisfy every snack craving. Patrons can also dine in-theater where every theater seat comes with an attached table.

Growing History.

Living Room® Theaters opened in 2006 in Portland, Oregon and was the first all-digital independent theater in the country making us uniquely positioned in the industry as theatrical exhibition transitioned from celluloid to digital. Our proprietary digital playback technology was made available to other small indie theaters across the country making it possible to not only stay viable during this transition but to flourish. Our second location here in Boca Raton is a public/private synergy with Florida Atlantic University that opened in 2010. The third and biggest location opened December 2020 in Indianapolis, Indiana at the new Bottleworks development.