Drinks and concessions are back!

During COVID-19, if you wish to purchase any concession items, please present your payment card in advance to our staff as they greet you at the front door. They will swipe your card so that a staff member can come to your seat to take your order which will then be delivered directly to your seat. When the movie is over, we'll hand you a receipt on your way out the door. Please be aware that a 10% auto gratuity will be added to all concessions purchases.

We need your help to make sure everyone remains safe. Please help us demonstrate that we can maintain and safe and virus-free environment by making sure you are wearing your mask at all times while not eating or drinking indoors, keeping socially distanced from others, and washing your hands after touching surfaces.

Hours of Operation

Wednesday - Sunday 11:00 a.m. - closing.

Meet friends, talk about movies, share your passion for great cinema in the place where Boca's independent film scene is celebrated every day.