6.7/10 (IMDB)

Days of the Bagnold Summer

1h 26m Comedy
Days of the Bagnold Summer
Days of the Bagnold Summer


Based on the critically acclaimed graphic novel, DAYS OF THE BAGNOLD SUMMER is a funny yet sweet coming-of-age story about single motherhood and Metallica. Daniel was supposed to spend the summer with his dad and his dad's new wife in Florida, but when his dad cancels the trip Daniel and his mom suddenly face the prospect of six long weeks together. An epic war of wills ensues in their suburban home as Daniel just wants to listen to heavy metal and start a band while his mom hopes to rekindle the fun times they used to have together. Featuring original songs by Belle and Sebastian.


Simon Bird


Monica Dolan, Earl Cave, Rob Brydon, Elliot Speller-Gillott








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  • "Here’s a movie that tells us that the days of summer, like the boys of summer in Don Henley’s song, are going to get outlived by the love they inspire. It’s what happens in this thoroughly sweet-natured, charming and unassuming British film."
    - The Guardian
  • "Interlocking vignettes swing from laugh-out-loud comedy to piercing melancholia, but at the centre of it all there is a genuine sense of rebirth and renewal – no mean feat for a small movie with a big heart and a surprisingly wide-ranging vision."
    - The Observer
  • "The approach is scrupulously even-handed. The film is just as interested in mild-mannered Sue’s journey as it is in Daniel’s coming of age. The screenplay, adapted by Lisa Owens (Bird’s wife) from an award winning graphic novel by Joff Winterhart, is wryly low key, with a keen eye for the subtle stabs and small daily humiliations that gradually mount."
    - Screen Daily


  • Cheltenham Int'l Film Festival
  • Leiden Int'l Film Festival
  • Villeurbanne British and Irish Film Festival
  • Locarno Film Festival
  • London Film Festival
  • Mill Valley Film Festival
  • Göteborg Film Festival
  • FilmBath Festival